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In Northern Ireland a car has its first MOT when it's four years old, and once a year after that. Your car requires a valid MOT certificate by law. An MOT service at McKibbin Motors offers massive savings compared to main dealer prices and your car's warranty is never affected.. We provide great customer flexibility, with free collection and delivery of your vehicle. Contact us on 02844 811679 for more information.

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At Mckibbin Motors we use compliant equipment with brand new pre-approved manufacturer parts and follow the manufacturers service schedule, ensuring legislative guidelines are properly followed.

All our mechanics are motor industry experts with a wealth of experience and expertise.

A small investment in routine servicing, plus a good inspection programme, will give you the following results.

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the car's coming years
  • Peace of mind reducing the risk of breakdowns.
  • Will reduce your costs for repairs in the future.
  • Less chance of accidents.
  • The possibility of greater fuel economy and keeps the vehicle to its maximum working order.

We never go ahead with extra work without your consent

If there is any extra work needed on your car we will never proceed without your consent. A Mckibbin motors service advisor will contact you to explain exactly what needs to be done regarding your vehicle and leave you in the best position possible on whether to go ahead.